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New PostsForum/Website
Comments/suggestions, changes or addition to forums and categories and website READ THIS FIRST, please
67157Tuesday Jul 27th, 2021 12:03 pm
by slychiu
in Bots! Go to last Post
New PostsNEWS & Announcements
Cytech Announcements - not for general posting.
100283Tuesday Nov 24th, 2020 11:51 am
by slychiu
in SCAM Go to last Post
New PostsProduct & Marketing Materials
Download product and marketing materials
3473Wednesday Mar 25th, 2020 07:49 pm
by TheMax74
in Comfort Brochure 2019 Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Installation and Programming Guide
Instructions for Installing and Programming Comfort
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfort Installation Instructions  Comfort Installation instructions  (16|74)
   New Posts How to Use Comfigurator  Comfigurator Instructions, tips and tutorials  (22|82)
   New Posts Security System Programming  Programming Comfort Security System  (21|74)
   New Posts Automation Programming  Programming Comfort to do Automation  (16|46)
   New Posts Responses and Actions  How to Program Responses and actions  (29|115)
13Friday Sep 17th, 2021 02:48 am
by slychiu
in End of Line Resistors Go to last Post
New PostsComments, Suggestions & Feedback
Your feedback & comments, good and bad What would you like to see in Comfort?
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Wishlist  Wishlist for new features in Comfort  (57|345)
   New Posts Wordlist  Suggested new words for the wordlist  (9|76)
101632Monday Aug 2nd, 2021 05:38 pm
by lwillerton
in Hubitat Go to last Post
New PostsTraining
Comfort Training
3895Wednesday Sep 23rd, 2015 09:48 am
by bagushandhoko
in Programming Assistance Go to last Post
New PostsFAQs - Technical
Check here before asking Technical questions. Not for Posting
73282Sunday Sep 5th, 2021 07:02 am
by slychiu
in Siren/Doorbell Volume on Keypads Go to last Post
New PostsFAQs - Users
FAQs regarding usage and features of Comfort. Not for posting
3580Wednesday Jul 26th, 2017 06:01 pm
by slychiu
in How to Change Date and Time using the keypad Go to last Post
New PostsQuestions on Using Comfort
Need help on to do something in Comfort?
4232,045Wednesday Nov 3rd, 2021 09:46 am
by Ian
in Interfacing with Zigbee, Tuya Smart devices Go to last Post
New PostsQuestions on Installation and Connection
FAQs and Questions on installation, wiring and connections
62384Tuesday Aug 17th, 2021 01:47 pm
by caravanboy
in Comfort without PSTN landlines? Go to last Post
New PostsQuestions on Programming Comfort
Support for programming issues
74365Wednesday Dec 16th, 2020 11:47 am
by Home
in Partitions Go to last Post
New PostsProblems & Troubleshooting
Having Problems? Get help here
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Firmware Upgrading Problems  Problems and questions relating to Upgrading Firmware  (60|514)
   New Posts Troubles  Zone Trouble, Phone Trouble, Battery Warning, Comms Failure etc  (139|928)
   New Posts Vocabulary Issues  Problems with Vocabulary, Missing Voice  (51|299)
   New Posts Responses and Actions  Help on Responses and Action codes  (46|287)
   New Posts Arming and Disarming  Arming & Disarming Security System  (42|213)
   New Posts Outputs  Troubleshooting of Outputs  (32|192)
   New Posts Dialing out and Auto-Answering  Troubleshooting Dialout and Answering  (46|253)
   New Posts Keypad  Troublehooting for Keypads  (71|416)
   New Posts Comfort I Issues  For support for the Comfort I Products  (40|213)
   New Posts Door Stations  Problems with Door Stations  (8|45)
3271,951Friday Oct 8th, 2021 02:46 am
by slychiu
in Alarm after Power Failure Go to last Post
New PostsComfort as Fire Alarm
How to use Comfort for Fire Alarms
1267Wednesday Dec 19th, 2018 08:16 am
by Krobar
in 4 Wire Smoke Detectors - None Working Go to last Post
New PostsFirmware History
Firmware Revision History
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfort Firmware  Comfort Firmware (Ultra, Optimum)  (72|380)
   New Posts Keypad Firmware  KP04, KP03 Firmware  (8|14)
   New Posts Slave Firmware  Slave (SEM) Firmware History  (19|67)
823Friday May 21st, 2021 08:37 am
by slychiu
in Ultra 7.192 (Beta) Go to last Post
New PostsTechnical Material
Comments, Announcements on User and Technical Manuals
2879Saturday Feb 2nd, 2019 02:10 pm
by slychiu
New PostsCM9001
CM9001 New Comfort PCB
715Tuesday Apr 27th, 2021 08:54 am
by slychiu
in CM9001-EX with 8 Partitions & 99 Users Go to last Post
New PostsEnvironmental Monitoring System
Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity water leakage and other sensors
1015Sunday Jan 10th, 2021 06:18 am
by slychiu
in Cytech Environmental Monitoring System Demo Training Rig Go to last Post
New PostsLogic Controllers
Logic Engine and UCM/Logic Controller without Alarm and Voice, for Automation applications
1335Sunday Mar 14th, 2021 03:39 am
by slychiu
in UCM/Log and LGX01 Firmware 7.123 to 7.189 Go to last Post
New PostsKP06/KP06A/KP04A Keypads
Questions, comments and support forum for the KP06, KP06A, KP04A Keypads
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts KP06A/KP04A Firmware  KP06A/KP04A Firmware History  (12|29)
30200Friday May 7th, 2021 02:48 pm
by Krobar
in Added KP06A - Now get alot of audio distortion on all keypads Go to last Post
New PostsHotel Room Logic Controller
HIO01 Hotel Room Controller and Accesories
410Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019 07:24 am
by slychiu
in HIO Firmware 7.023 - 7.024 Go to last Post
New PostsIRIO
Intelligent RIO Automation
1179Saturday Aug 21st, 2021 06:45 am
by slychiu
in IRIO Website and Brochure Go to last Post
New PostsTemperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor Modules and Functions
516Wednesday Sep 26th, 2018 11:53 am
by MichaelHarris259
in TSM01 Temperature Sensor Module Go to last Post
New PostsUCM
UCM/Ethernet, UCM/USB, UCM/232
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/Wifi  UCM interface to Wifi  (2|15)
   New Posts UCM/Pi  Forum for UCM/Pi  (25|181)
   New Posts UCM/USB  Forum for UCM/USB USB interface  (7|22)
   New Posts UCM Firmware  UCM/232. UCM/USB, UCM/Ethernet firmware  (27|127)
   New Posts Ethernet UCM/ETH03  New UCM/ETH03  (64|465)
   New Posts UCM Problems  Issues with UCMs (Universal Communications Modules)  (58|479)
   New Posts UCM/ETH01 & UCM/ETH02  UCM/ETH02, UCM/ETH01 issues These have been replaced by UCM/ETH03  (32|212)
61350Saturday Nov 20th, 2021 04:50 pm
by ptdoyle
in Wifi01 questions and comments Go to last Post
New PostsRelay/Automation Modules
Relay and Automation Modules
1494Thursday Nov 21st, 2019 02:15 am
by slychiu
in OP04 Output Submodule with 4 Relays Go to last Post
New PostsExpansion Modules
24110Wednesday Sep 8th, 2021 08:20 am
by slychiu
in SEM Confusion Go to last Post
New PostsDoor Stations
Comfort Door Stations and accessories; DP03, DS01, DS02, DM02, RGR04
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Door Station Problems  Problems with Door stations  (50|280)
57249Saturday May 8th, 2021 03:07 am
by slychiu
in Old Farfisa with DM02 - Noise on speaker phone Go to last Post
New PostsGSM Module
Comfort GSM Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/GSM Firmware  UCM/GSM Firmare History  (15|28)
85489Tuesday Nov 23rd, 2021 12:36 pm
by ptdoyle
in Sim card PAYG Go to last Post
New PostsKT03 Touchscreen Keypad
KT03 Touchscreen Keypad
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts KT03 Firmware History  KT03 Firmware - listing of features and bug fixes  (19|38)
57235Wednesday Aug 18th, 2021 02:09 pm
by bagushandhoko
in KT03 for sale Go to last Post
New PostsScene Control Switches
Designer Scene switches with 4,6 and 8 buttons and Leds
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts SCS Firmware History  SCS Firmware History  (5|5)
26114Monday Dec 4th, 2017 10:14 am
by slychiu
in New SCS? Go to last Post
New PostsRIO
Remote Input/Output Module
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts RIO Firmware  RIO Firmware  (2|14)
1547Friday Jul 16th, 2021 02:55 am
by slychiu
in Using RIO as an alarm extension! Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Webserver Module
Internet Access to Comfort (Comfort Webserver Module and others)
41188Thursday Sep 6th, 2012 12:38 pm
by ident
in CWM Problem with Java 7 Go to last Post
New PostsKT01 Touchscreen Keypad
KT01 has been replaced by KT03
1775Monday Mar 7th, 2011 09:55 pm
by siamak
in How to display temperature on KT01? Go to last Post
Software Applications
New PostsiOS Apps
Comfort 2nd generation iOS apps for iPad and iPhone
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfort iPad App (1st generation)  Comfort 1st generation iPad App  (10|83)
   New Posts Comfort iPhone App (1st generation)  Comfort 1st generation iPhone App  (54|474)
25119Friday May 28th, 2021 12:54 pm
by slychiu
in iOS App Comfort G2 Version 1.0 to 1.7 Go to last Post
New PostsComfigurator
Comfigurator Software for programming Comfort
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfigurator 2.X  Comfigurator version 2 (Now superseded by Comfigurator 3)  (52|316)
   New Posts Comfigurator 3.x Old Versions (Archive)  Older Versions of Comfigurator 3  (117|813)
85418Tuesday Nov 9th, 2021 07:14 am
by juwi_uk
in New Windows 10 Laptop Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Android App
Android App for Comfort
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Android Apps - 1st generation  Forum for the 1st generation android app for tablet and phones Now superseded by 2nd generation improved app  (14|164)
44296Wednesday May 26th, 2021 12:31 pm
by slychiu
in Android App 2.1 Go to last Post
New PostsComfortClient
ComfortClient Software by juwi_uk
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Plug-in Development  A forum for ComfortClient Plug-in Development  (5|8)
   New Posts ComfortClient Plug-ins  Plug-ins forComfort Client  (9|34)
79524Saturday Jul 4th, 2020 03:53 pm
by juwi_uk
in Website Go to last Post
New PostsWizComfort
WizComfort User Interface Software
24131Friday Mar 20th, 2015 01:44 pm
by slychiu
in program WizComfort Go to last Post
New PostsMisc Software Interfaces
Software, MCE, Homeseer etc
34281Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2021 08:41 am
by caravanboy
in Comfort 2 Alarm working with Home Assistant! Go to last Post
Third Party (interfacing to Comfort)
New PostsKNX (EIB)
Comfort to EIB/KNX Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts KNX Support  Problems and Troubleshooting Assistance for KNX with Comfort  (36|198)
   New Posts UCM/KNX Firmware  UCM/KNX Firmware History  (12|60)
50204Friday Sep 18th, 2020 06:03 am
by slychiu
in UCM/KNX with C-Bus to KNX Translator Go to last Post
New PostsCBus
Comfort to C-Bus Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/CBUS Problems  Problems regarding UCM/CBUS2 and UCM/Cbus  (14|147)
   New Posts UCM/CBUS Firmware  UCM/CBUS Firmware History  (17|43)
89514Sunday Oct 25th, 2020 09:30 pm
by freak69
in Garage door /cbus control and feedback Go to last Post
New PostsUniversal UCM
"Universal" UCM to interface to 3rd party products
44262Tuesday Oct 29th, 2019 01:14 pm
by slychiu
in Universal UCM 7.065 to 7.117 Go to last Post
New PostsUCM/Modbus
UCM Interface to Modbus
1030Sunday Sep 5th, 2021 06:49 am
by slychiu
in UCM/Modbus firmware 7.099 to 7.152 Go to last Post
New PostsZwave
UCM Interface to Zwave
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/Zwave Firmware  UCM/Zwave Firmware History  (13|58)
115889Friday Jul 16th, 2021 02:52 am
by slychiu
in Z-Wwave door switch as an alarm zone Go to last Post
New PostsalphaWerk UHAI RPi (Community Edition)
Comfort with Raspberry Pi interface to UPnP, SmartThings, Amazon Echo etc
49523Monday Jul 13th, 2020 06:48 pm
by benstinton
in Controlling Philips Hue Go to last Post
New PostsSmart-House/Dupline
Smart House or Dupline by Carlo Gavazzi
930Sunday Aug 5th, 2018 06:47 am
by slychiu
in Smart-House (Dupline) Interface Go to last Post
New PostsC-Bus to KNX Translator
Stand-alone C-Bus to KNX gateway
749Sunday May 19th, 2019 09:17 am
by slychiu
in Cbus to KNX Bus Transltor Software 1.1.0 to 1.1.2 Go to last Post
New PostsVelbus
Comfort to Velbus Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/Velbus Firmware  UCM Velbus firmware History  (12|15)
39200Thursday Nov 21st, 2019 02:26 am
by slychiu
in Velbus Learn request Go to last Post
New PostsHeatmiser
Heatmiser and other HVAC systems
42320Friday Jan 5th, 2018 04:04 pm
by slychiu
in Heatmiser UCM Go to last Post
New PostsULTI
Comfort to ULTI Interface
929Monday Dec 12th, 2016 04:46 pm
by slychiu
in Ulti EZInstall3 (zigbee) Go to last Post
New PostsWireless Security
Wireless Security for Comfort
945Friday Sep 3rd, 2021 03:44 am
by slychiu
in Visonic MC 308 with Comfort II Go to last Post
New PostsRemote Controls
Remote Controls for Comfort
23113Tuesday Apr 8th, 2014 01:21 am
by cc_uk
in Daikin ARC452A3 Go to last Post
New PostsLighting Interfaces
Lutron, Dynalite, Rako, and other lighting Interfaces which do not have a dedicated UCM
25135Thursday May 30th, 2019 09:29 am
by Home
in Philips Hue - UCM Go to last Post
New PostsAccess Control
Access Control with Comfort
966Friday Jun 14th, 2013 03:09 am
by ident
in finger print Go to last Post
New PostsMiscellaneous Interfaces
Misc 3rd Party Interfaces
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Companion  OBSOLETE  (11|35)
42228Friday Nov 13th, 2020 12:58 pm
by palmlodge
in Homebridge, everything works Go to last Post
New PostsX10
X10 Issues
33168Monday Feb 1st, 2021 03:01 pm
by Home
in Foward X10 Comamands To Web Go to last Post
Comfort Around The World
New PostsCytech Media Coverage
Cytech/Comfort in the News
5773Thursday Sep 14th, 2017 05:02 pm
by slychiu
in Simon Daykin's Smart Home on the BBC Go to last Post
New PostsAssistive Living
Comfort for Assisted Living Applications
1526Sunday Sep 8th, 2013 10:09 am
by slychiu
in Technology needed to tackle growing aged care gap Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Case Studies and Installations
Notable Comfort Installations
3452Monday Apr 1st, 2019 01:15 pm
by TheMax74
in Siri and Node-Red integration Go to last Post
New PostsEvents / Diary
A place for events etc.
1522Wednesday Mar 28th, 2012 12:51 pm
by ident
in National Self Build & Renovation Show Go to last Post
New PostsMiscellaneous UK Issues
34124Monday Jul 8th, 2019 09:19 am
by gjb
in Comfort II Ultra system for sale Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Installers Forum
Installer News and announcements
1433Tuesday Nov 29th, 2016 01:26 pm
by Home
in Comfort installer required - UK Midlands Go to last Post
New PostsSecurity and Monitoring
New European/UK regulations, EN50131/ PD6662/ DD243
939Saturday Sep 2nd, 2017 12:15 pm
by slychiu
in Partitions in Comfort Go to last Post
General HA Information
New PostsMiscellaneous
A place for non-Comfort topics, and links to other Home Automation or security related products or websites.
1349Tuesday Jul 2nd, 2019 12:41 pm
by Jessiryan
in Appleā€™s Next Step: Home Automation? Go to last Post
New PostsHA in the News
Industry news or articles
83116Wednesday Nov 8th, 2017 05:41 pm
by slychiu
in Global Home Automation System Market 2016: ABB Ltd, Crestron Electronics Inc, Cytech Technology Pte. Go to last Post
New PostsUser-created Responses, Applications, IR Codes
Upload any useful responses and applications IR codes ccls
532Monday Sep 20th, 2010 03:03 am
by hendy
in IR Codes Cannot be learned Go to last Post
New PostsSpecial Problems
A restricted forum for assistance for special problems
421Saturday Oct 1st, 2011 10:12 am
by ident
in ComfortProtocol Go to last Post
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