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CS Manager Issue
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 Posted: Thursday Jun 3rd, 2021 03:54 pm
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We had a prolonged power failure where the backup batteries ran dry.  I noted that comfort time was wrong once the power was wrong, so tried connecting to CS Manager to see if anything was wrong with the SNTP Settings and then realised that CS Manager showed no entries. Everything else works, I can connect via the UCM.

Attachment: CS Manager 001.jpg (Downloaded 13 times)

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 Posted: Friday Jun 4th, 2021 01:55 am
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Check the leds are blibking or On/Off according to the manual. Do a reset to default by pressing holding buttons as in the manual.

Could it be that the PC has more than 1 network adaptor which could cause the wrong adaptor to be used by CS manager?  Did you try connecting to the saved IP address and port anyway?

Also are you sure you have ETH03, not one of the older models ETH01 or ETH02?
If you have checked everything, it could be the ETH03 is faulty

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