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Comfort not recording messages
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 Posted: Sunday May 30th, 2021 01:46 am
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First of all I have a Comfort Ultra 1 system.Yesterday I got home and saw the message light on.However when I went to check the messages I couldn't redeem any.
I have done a system reset through the Engineer menu but it hasn't fixed the problem.Now when I make a phone call to my home and Comfort answers I am asked to leave a message but no messages are being recorded on the system.

 Posted: Sunday May 30th, 2021 02:07 am
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If the voice menu can be heard, it is strange that the recorded messges cannot be heard because they are in different areas of flash memory. 
have you tried the other messges eg Alarm Message, Reninder messages?

Perhaps you can try erasing all the messages using Program menu 5,0 "Ersae Mailboxes" and press 1 to confirm.
However this also deletes the user codes and resets to 1234 so you have to enter the user codes again

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