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Ultra 7.192 (Beta)
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 Posted: Friday May 21st, 2021 07:37 am
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Bugs Fixed
  • If firmware upgrade failed and Power off and on again, firmware uograde from UCM ID1 did not work
  •  Ultra could upgrade to EX by ETH03 plug in
  • UCM/LOG and KNX/LOG did not work with RIO
  • Eth03 plug in did not report RIO Input state change
  • Vacation Mode for partition system  did not set partition correctly
  • If no zones are in partition 0, cannot arm partition 0 without zones. exit time does not end.
New Features and changes
  •  When sign in by local r remote Phone,  if user is enabled for more than 1 parttiions, announce  "select User" to allow the user to select a higher partition. Normallyt users who are eabled for more than 1 partition are always logged in to the lowest partition.
  •  IDBUTTON pressed disable user response
  • Arm security system if partition has no zones dont allow arm/disarm
  • KP to DP Intercom. Keypad Press and hold button is one way KP to DP. If KP button is released then KP to DP is full duplex
  •  Added Test mode commands to support internal tester functions

This firmware is in Beta test, but as it fixes some bugs some may want to test it.  

Download from

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