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Voice Failure
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 Posted: Tuesday Aug 26th, 2014 05:03 pm
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I have an issue with missing voice on the keypad.

I believe I have a gen 1 Comfort system. Firmware version is Outside 4.142. Purchased approximately 12 years ago.

The issue was first noticed with an absent voice during ARM/DISARM. This occurred infrequently but over the course of 6 months it has become more frequent and now the voice is completely missing on the keypad.

I've tried dialling into Comfort from home phone as well as mobile but experience the same issue.

I hear all other tones on the keypad, for example during ARM the keypad still beeps. I've also tried a new cable to rule out cabling fault.

The system no longer dials out during alarm condition. This stopped when the initial issue with the voice arose. Otherwise the system operates as per normal.

The set up is comprised of:

1x keypad (KP02)
1x Doorstation (DP02 I think)
1x LEM

1. Can this be repaired by replacement of a part?
2. Or do I need to replace the main board with latest version, which appears to be Ultra 2?


 Posted: Tuesday Aug 26th, 2014 05:45 pm
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Comfort 1 went out of production 8 years ago and many of the electronic components have also gone out of production. 12 years is a long life for an electronic product, but at least the system is still working albeit without voice

I suggest to upgrade to Comfort 2 which is well proven as well. You will get a Comfort 2 PCB with a metal plate ACCPLATE01 which mounts on the old metal box

As for the other Comfort 1 parts, see the Module Compatibility topic at

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