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Common problems with the Comfort App on iPhone, iPad and Android include;

Zones and Control Menu is empty
Arming and Disarming the system works but you do not see any zones and control menu. This is because you have not gone to to send your cclx file to your email on the device. Remember to select the correct button iPhone or iPad/Android

Email attachment from Comfort server does not work
You must use an email client on the device (iphone, iPad) to receive the email and NOT a browser-based webmail. Install the email app eg Gmail, Yahoo, etc on your device. Tap on the attachment - "Open in Comfort" should be seen
Also check in the webpage where you attached the cclx file that you selected the correct choice iPhone, or iPad/Android.

Control Feedback Status does not work
This is normally because the Comfort and/or UCM firmware are not up to date. Both should be version   Go to the forum at to see how to upgrade firmware.

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