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Logic Engine Introduction
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 Posted: Saturday Apr 6th, 2013 05:25 am
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Note from Admin
This has been replaced by LGX01

Cytech's new Logic Engine is a Programmable Controller for Automation Applications which can replace PLCs and with the ability to interface to most  Home automation Systems.

  • 8 inputs, 8 open-collector outputs, expandable to 216 Inputs and 216 outputs
  • 12V - 1Amp wall mount adaptor
  • EN01 enclosure 310 x 350 x 95 mm. CM9000-LOG is without EN01
  • 32 Time Programs
  • 1024 Responses
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times with automatic daylight saving time changes
  • able to send 250 IR Codes to AV and airconditioners
  • Works with all the UCM Interfaces, eg KNX, C-Bus, Ethernet, USB, RS232, Universal, Z-Wave etc
  • Programmable using UCM with Comfigurator
  • Central Controller for AV, Lighting, Blinds, Heating, Airconditioning, Irrigation etc with Scheduling and logic condtitions (If/Then/Else)
  • Interface to RS232, RS485, Ethernet, C-Bus, KNX, Z-Wave, Velbus, GSM etc
  • Interface between 2 systems eg Zwave to KNX etc
  • Hotel Room Bedside Panels using SCS switches
  • iPhone app to control and monitor system
  • Touchscreen control using KT03 monochrome touchscreen
  • Control on/off lighting via two way switches with TWS ( with relay and current sensor)
  • Control airconditioning  and AV equipment via IR signals (250 codes)
  • Up to 8  UCMs (RS232, USB, Ethernet, Cbus, KNX, Zwave, Velbus, Universal, GSM)
  • Up to 15 SCS or RIO
  • Expandable to 96 Inputs/outputs using LEM and SEM, and a further 120 I/O using RIO
  • KT03 Monochrome Touchscreen Keypad
This is essentially a Comfort PCB without the alarm, dialer, voice, recording, intercom functions.
Logic Engine Differences with Comfort
  1. It  is NOT an alarm system. Inputs trigger Responses, do not activate alarms.
  2. It is not connected to the phone line and does not auto-answer calls or dial to phones
  3. Does not have  a voice menu or  make announcements
  4. No  Message recording and Playback
  5. No Intercom Functions
  6. No battery charger, does not need backup battery
Part Numbers
  1. CP9000-LOG Logic Engine with EN01 Enclosure 310 x 350 x 95 mm with12V 1 A.
  2. CM9000-LOG Logic Engine PCB only with power supply 12V 1A

Link to Logic Engine on Cytech Website

Download the brochure from

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