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KT03 firmware 7.016
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 Posted: Saturday Apr 6th, 2013 06:16 am
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  1. When firmware upgrade of KT03 version 7  by RS485 bus fails, a scan u? Will report version 7.000 instead of 6.000 so that the KT03 can still be upgraded by Bus. UCM Firmware 6 cannot be upgraded by Bus
Known Bugs
  1. Event Log does not display on KT03
  2. Display of Output status above 64 does not work
This firmware upgrade is important due to the last point above. KT03 and UCM firmware version 7can be upgraded by Bus as well as by direct connection (by USB). When the upgrade by Bus fails for any reason , it should be possible to repeat the upgrade by Bus. However, for older KT03 firmware versions the KT03  which failed upgrade wiill report as version 6.000, so Comfigurator will not allow the repeat of firmware upgrade  because only firmware version 7 can be upgraded. The new firmware 7.016 will report its firmware as 7.000 instead of 6.000 so the upgrade can be repeated.

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 Posted: Saturday Apr 6th, 2013 07:24 am
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Clarification on how the KT03 firmware upgrade by Bus can fail;
  1. The upgrade can be stopped by pressing cancel
  2. there may be an error message to stop the upgrade
These will require the upgrade to be started again
However it is quite unlikelly that the firmware upgrade will fail

If there is a loss of ethernet connection for UCM/ETH02 Comfigurator 3.6.5 will ask "Do you want to continue from the last address". If you select OK, the upgrade will continue so this situation is not a problem. This is the more likely scenario

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