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Comfort answers calls, gives 2 beeps and records message
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 Posted: Wednesday Nov 28th, 2012 12:08 pm
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Problem: Comfort answers the incoming call and immediately gives 2 beeps and some noise and starts recording a message

This is because a Greeting message was recorded in the factory which was not erased before sending out. Hence it plays the "Greeting" and records a message.

The message was recorded as part of the automated production test. Normally the test message is deleted but the test program did not do this
It affects all Comforts produced from  June 2012 to November 2012

To delete the Greeting message, either
  1. record another Greeting message over it using User Menu 9 for Program, 1 for answering, 3 to Record  Greeting message, or
  2. Delete the greeting message using User Menu 9 for Program, 1 for answering, 5 to Erase  Greeting message.Comfort will answer "Please sign in" when it answers the call

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