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How to set "Ignore line cut" using the Keypad
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 Posted: Wednesday Dec 21st, 2011 10:37 am
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I have a call out to an installation that we did not do and the customer no longer wants Comfort connected to the phone line - already done by BT!, so I need to program the ignore line cut to yes. Can I do this from the keypad to avoid having to use Comfigurator as we don't have the original file?

 Posted: Wednesday Dec 21st, 2011 11:59 am
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Go to Engineer Menu
ie press F0 and engineer code + # key
Press 7,4,3 for Locations Menu
The location for any Comfigurator item is shown on the bottom left of the Comfigurator screen
eg in the screenshot below when you check the Ignore Line Cut button, you can see (40)=82 on the bottom left. This tells you that Location 40 should be set to value 82. Also setthe flags accordingly because that will determine the final value for the location
In the Locations Menu on the keypad, the menu says "Enter Location and # Key"
Enter 40# for location 40
The current value in the location is announced eg "80"
"Enter New Value and # Key"
Enter 82#

You need to reset Comfort either by pressing the reset button or Menu Reset via Engineer Menu 7,4,2

By the way, you can use Comfigurator 3.4.0 to Read a file and select the Option "Autogenerate Names" This autogenerates Response names from the raw actions for each response so it helps to make sense of the file even though you do not have the original file

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