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UCM/ETH02 - New ETH02 firmware for iPhone app
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 Posted: Sunday Nov 20th, 2011 06:44 am
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The UCM/ETH02 which is the new version of UCM/Ethernet has a programmable Ethernet module which is the preferred interface for the iPhone app to connect to Comfort.

Older UCM/Ethernet (now called UCM/ETH01) with the orange EM100 module can be upgraded to UCM/ETH02 by buying the ETH02 submodule which plugs in to the UCM baseboard, replacing the ETH01 module

The UCM/Eth01 and UCM/Eth02  only allows 1 connection to it. So if an iPhone is connected to it, another iPhone or Comfigurator, or ComfortClient cannot connect to the UCM/Ethernet until the 1st connection logs out.

In DS Manager, there is a parameter  called Connection Time-out

This Connection Time-out should be set to 1 Minute, whihc means that if the connection is idle for 1 minute, the connection is terminated thus allowing another connection to be made and not allowing an idle application to tie up the connection. The previous default was 0 which means there is no time-out.

The UCM/ETH02 can be upgraded with new ETH02 firmware (cytech_application-3.02.bin) which helps to manage attempts to connect and log in by more than one application and improves security. Note that the ETH02 firmware on the ETH02 submodule is NOT the same as the UCM/Eth02 firmware on the UCM Baseboard.

The procedure for upgrading ETH02 firmware is described in

The features of the ETH02 firmware are
  • If a connection is left idle and times out (due to Connection Time-out) , a LI command sent to the UCM and Comfort to log out from Comfort and LU00 is sent to the connection/client to inform it that they have been logged out before dropping the connection.
  • The LI command should be sent by the ETH02 to the UCM whenever the connection is ended for any reason, by the client or by Comfort or by time-out or loss of network.
  • When a connection is used and another connection is requested (not an attempt to log in yet), a message "BUSY" should be sent to the new requester so that they know that the connection is Busy. The new connection should then be ended.
  • If a new connection is made and there is no existing connection, ie it is free, the connection is accepted. If there is time out without  login  from the UCM then the connection should be ended. This allows only only one connection at a time, but it gives a message to other clients who try to connect at the same time. It provides security against other clients connecting and getting unauthorised access when the original connection is lost.
  • If Comfort logs out the UCM, eg when it is reset, the UCM  sends LU00  to the network. This should cause the EM500 to disconnect from the network.
All users of the Comfort iPhone app should upgrade to this ETH02 firmware

Those who have UCM/ETH01 will not be able to use this firmware. They should set the Connection Time-out using DS Manager

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