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The KT03 Firmware version 2.001 has been released. It can be downloaded from

Bugs Fixed
  1. When a button is configured to jump to another page and do another action, sometimes the jump will happen but the action is not done
New Features
  1. This firmware will allow Comfigurator to upgrade the KT03 directly

Prior to this firmware, KT03 firmware had to be upgraded using another UCM with a programing cable. This is inconvenient if KT03 is already installed in the wall, because the extra UCM needs a 12V supply which is a little difficult to get from the KT03 unless the back is also removed

With the new firmware upgrading the KT03 becomes really convenient and fast

The instructions are as follows:

You will need Comfigurator 3.2.9 and above which can be downloaded from
  1. Connect KT03 to the computer via the USB port  and select the Connection Method under Options > Settings as USB. Select the USV serial number seen from the dropdown box.
  2. Check the "Via KT03" box
  3. Go To Transfer > Firmware Upgrade
  4. There are 3 choices; By Firmware Programming Cable connected to UCM, For KP06 connected to the Comfort Bus, and for UCM or KT03 connected to PC
  5. Select the last option UCM or KT03 connected to PC
  6. select the KT03 cbf firmware file to upgrade the KT03  with. For testing purposes you can select the KT03 2.001 .cbf file
  7. Press F0 on the  KT03. This is an added security feature,
  8. Comfigurator will confirm the firmware version of the selected file and start the upgrade process.
  9. DO NOT disconnect or reset the KT03 or Comfort or interrupt the communications in any way during this process whihc takes less than 1 minute. Do NOT unplug power from the UCM as this will corrupt the KT03 firmware
  10. If the upgrade fails for any reason, DO NOT reset the KT03 or unplug power from the KT03. Just repeat the upgrade firmware procedure
  11. The progress bar for the process will be seen. There will be a second progress bar lasting only a few seconds
  12. After the upgrade completes, the firmware will be upgraded. You can login to the KT03 immediately
  13. If for any reason the KT03 upgrade fails, you will have to use the UCM to upgrade it with the programming cable
Known Issues
  1. Read and Write EEPROM for external UCMs, eg KNX, Velbus, Universal, Zwave do not work when using KT03 USB connection as a UCM

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