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 The new release  of KT03 firmware can be downloaded from

The new firmware KT03 1.007 has been released. The changes are

Bug Fixes
  1. Screen may go blank and seem to hang. This may happen when the LCD has timed out and an alarm occurs. Need to reset KT03
  2. IR Remote enable function was reversed in Setup > System page
  3. Time-out settings for screen off was not correct, and was not saved in memory after reset
  4. Volume setting after reset was not correct
Known Bugs
  1. When a button is configured to jump to another page and do another action, sometimes the jump will happen but the action is not done
  2. Read and Write EEPROM for external UCMs, eg KNX, Velbus, Universal, Zwave do not work when using KT03 USB connection as a UCM
It is very important that the firmware be upgraded  because of the first item on the list.

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KT03 firmware 1.010 has been released, please download from

This fixes various bugs that were found in earlier versions

9 June 2011
KT03 firmware 2.001 is now available

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