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Just over a week ago the systems answering phone function stopped working.  Basically at the point the system should answer an inbound call and play the greeting the call was answered but there was no greeting, just silence and it wasn't possible to leave a message.
During this time the alarm/security functionality has been fine.

I reset the system and everything has been fine since.

However I have just noticed that my answer machine greeting is missing too (not sure exactly when this happened though, because I have only just noticed).

I've recorded a new greeting so all is fine now but I'd like to know what happend.

My system details are as follows:
Comfort II Ultra Version: 5.183
UCM Type: 10 Version: 5.212
KP04 Version: 1.012
Comfigurator Version: V3.1.9.0
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It is difficult to tell what happened in this case
If the answering machine message is deleted the system will answer and say "Please sign in" and will not allow you to record
Check the event Log, is there an event of the sort message or messages deleted?

Let us know if it happens again

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