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UCM/CBus Firmware
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 Posted: Tuesday Feb 16th, 2010 03:01 am
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Please note a bug has been discovered in UCM/Cbus firmware up to Cbus 5.217
  • Sending commands to other applications besides Lighting will update the counter related to the group address. 
Eg when you send a command to Cbus Trigger application at group address 1 to 255, then Counter 1 will change to 255 as well. The Counter should only be updated by the Lighting application
This will be fixed in the next firmware version
UCM/CBus 5.154 (30 July 2007)
  • Can send commands to group address up to 256. Previously limited to 127.
  • New Flash Firmware can be upgraded using UCM05
UCM/CBus 5.75 (5 October 2004)
  • Fixed bug – if no Security Application on C-Bus, UCM/CBUS would retransmit because of no acknowledgement causing 5 seconds delay.
  • Implemented Acknowledgement handling where if the message is not acknowledged, the application will be disabled until a C-Bus message from the application is received.
  • Disabled retransmission of messages
UCM/CBus 5.66 (18 November 2003)
  • Corrected incorrect handling of an invalid command within a concatenated command string which prevented processing of subsequent commands after the invalid command.
  • Supports speaker and microphone control for C-Touch interface.
  • Generates beep tones for C-Touch keypad emulation
  • UCM/C-Bus 5.60 (1 August 2003)
  • Implemented additional initialisation string for SIM firmware Version to make the mode non-volatile
  • Added keypad simulation keys AWAY, NIGHT, DAY function keys
  • Implemented Invalid Password Entry message when there is wrong sign in, time-out, or other keypad is active.
UCM/CBus 5.58 (21 June 2003)
  • Comfort can reinitialise SIM to Smart Mode after CBUS has been switched off and on.
  • UCM/CBus 5.68 (16 January 2004)
  • Implemented IR receive capability for CTOUCH
UCM/CBus 5.57 (4 June 2003)
  • Action 197 is able to send messages to remote C-Bus networks.
  • Illegal headers are rejected in the Security application messages received.
  • C-Bus Date/Time application sends the correct day of week to C-Bus (0 to 6 for Monday to Sunday)
  • Security Application Status Requests 1 and 2 can be sent to UCM/CBUS independently for zone status. However, zone open and short are still reported as Unsealed.
  • Lighting application Ramp commands are processed correctly
  • Implemented C-Bus Security Application Specification Issue 4
  • Bug - when CBUS is turned off and on again, Comfort cannot receive CBUS messages because SIM goes to Basic mode.
Limitations of UCM/CBUS prior to 5.57
  • Cannot send messages to Remote networks
  • For Lighting Application, only Immediate (02H) or Ramp 4 seconds (0AH) commands are accepted.
  • In the CBUS security application, illegal headers $1A, $2A, $F2, $FA are accepted as valid
  • C-Bus Date/Time application sent the wrong day of week to C-Bus (1 to 7 should be 0 to 6)
  • C-Bus status report 1 had to be sent before Status report 2 in order for Status Report 2 to have correct data
  • C-Bus Security application Alarm Off $83 is always reported for any alarm when alarm state < 3
UCM/CBus 5.51 (20 February 2003)
  • Works with CBUS SIM firmware version 3 and 4. UCM/CBUS Automatically identifies SIM Firmware 3 or 4. SIM version 4 sends a Power Up Notification when power is applied, allowing UCM/CBUS to check status of the CBUS and set the correct operating mode. Because of Power-up Notification, once a status reply from the SIM is received, UCM/CBUS does not automatically send command to the SIM every 10 seconds to set the mode. If The CBUS loses power or SIM is disconnected, the ERROR LED turns on when a command to CBUS/SIM is sent without any acknowledgment
  • Transmitted messages to CBUS SIM include a checksum.
  • Send 7A, 80,.. message for system armed/disarmed status - Requires CTOUCH firmware 1.8+
  • Bug - when CBUS is turned off and on again, Comfort cannot receive CBUS messages.
UCM/CBus 5.45 (14 November 2002)
  • Action 197 able to send concatenated messages.
  • Added Security Application status messages Exit Delay Started, Entry Delay Started, Tamper on/off, Panic activated, zone isolated, Status 1 Report, Status 2 Report.
  • Added Security application control messages Activate/Deactivate Tamper, Activate Panic, Status 1 Request, Status 2 Request.
  • Transmitted messages to C-Bus will result in acknowledge character to confirm successful delivery.
  • Requires Comfort PRO/ULTRA firmware Outside 4.204 to support the new Security Application commands and status messages
UCM/CBus 5.38 (20 September 2002)
  • Added Security application status messages System Armed/Disarmed, Alarm On/Off, Arm ready/Not Ready.
  • Added Security application control messages Arm System, Emulate Keypad.
  • Added Zone Application 01 (Custom user application) for display of zone open
  • Added Time/Date C-Bus application for synchronization of date/time between Comfort and C-Bus.
  • C-Touch integration with Zones, security and time/date application.
  • Able to monitor messages from a remote C-Bus network via bridges.
  • Concatenated C-Bus messages are not supported
UCM/CBus 5.32 (17 June 2002)
  • Fixed Bug from previous versions, when C-Bus is connected after UCM/C-Bus, status monitoring did not work.
  • Action 197 causes Comfort counter to be updated, but will not cause Counter Responses to be activated. This prevents looping of commands from Comfort to C-Bus, back to Comfort etc which occurred for previous versions . Requires Outside 4.162 in Comfort.
  • Concatenated C-Bus messages are not supported
UCM/C-Bus 5.24 (27 March 2002)
  • Supports C-Bus SIM Module. Previous UCM/C-Bus were for connection to the PCI (PC Interface) using the RS232 port. There were compatibility problems with different versions of the PCI. It is recommended that only UCMs with built-in SIM are used to interface with C-Bus
  • Bugs: When the C-Bus is powered up or connected after the UCM/C-Bus, UCM/C-Bus does not initialize the SIM correctly, and will not monitor C-Bus until it is reset.

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