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 Posted: Thursday Aug 4th, 2011 02:13 am
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Whats New in summary;
  1. Audible tone when buttons are pressed
  2. Shows exit delay countdown timer when arming
  3. shows entry delay countdown when armed and front door is open
  4. When arming to away remotely, ie connect by Internet, do not need to open and close the front door. There is also no exitdelay when arming remotely.
  5. Arming from remote needs an addtional sign in for security
  6. shows open zones when arming, like the LCD keypad
  7. Shows current alarm on the keypad eg Intruder, Panic, Fire, Communications Failure
  8. Shows the away , Night,  or Day buttons in reverse flashing when armed to that mode
  9. shows up to 4 IP cameras for local and remote IP access
  10. New Trouble page shows AC failure, Low battery, zone trouble, communications failure,  phone trouble
  11. shows connection status  - Connecting, connected, disconnected and Data error
  12. Improved set up page
  13. Last system is retained when coming back to the app so no need to select the Comfort system again eg Home, Office

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