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Getting the Comfort  cclx parameters to your phone
The Comfort App has been designed to be easy to setup. It uses the cclx file which was created using Comfigurator so there is no further programming needed.
The  app needs a specially formatted file which it accesses by email. You need to convert your Comfort configuration file (CCLX) to this custom format by uploading the cclx file to our conversion website. You will need an email account that you access from your iPhone.
Using your computer (NOT your phone), follow this link to convert your cclx:
This prompts you for the location of the cclx file corresponding to the Comfort system to be controlled.

When the email is received on the iPhone, tap the attachment in the email.

Some users have reported that the email does not reach their iPhone
Please check your junk mail filter for an email from
If you have that experience please use this alternate site,
However for this site, the cclx files are limited to 1 MB and the email attachment cannot be viewed correctly in Yahoo Mail. Please use another email client
The email problems will be fixed soon

 The attachment will have the same name as the cclx file but with an extension .crlccip
Tap on  "Open In Comfort"  The app will ask you to select which configuration to open eg "Office", "Home"
The message "Config Data Loaded - Please log in "
Now Press the Key icon to select the Comfig and log in

The Indicator LEDs on the bottom show the same status as the Comfort Keypad.

is Steady when system is not armed and flashes when there is a Trouble condition

is Steady when  the system is armed and Flashes when there is Alert or Alarm Condition

Is Steady when there is Power Failure and Flashes when there a Low Battery

Steady when there is a new internal message and Flashes when there is a new recorded message from the telephone.

You can arm the system by pressing the Away, Night or Day keys.
There is no indication of exit time or zones open on this page. This will be done in the next version. When armed the red ARM led will be steady.
Disarm the system by entering your user code.

This Keypad does not speak.

Go to the Zones page by tapping the icon along the bottom

The zone status are shown as Off (Closed) with a X and ON (Open) with a circle. Notice that bypassed zones are also indicated, as in Study Window and Kitchen Window.

Whats more the app will also show zones in Trouble state, ie when the zone wires are open or short circuit  and Double End of Line Resistors are used

Try opening and closing doors and windows around the house. The status will change accordingly.
The different text sizes are due to automatic resizing of the text to fit into the space. This will be fixed in the next version.

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