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The "Zone Trouble" Message appears when Comfort detects an Open circuit or Short circuit at one of the zone inputs.
To detect Open or short circuit, the Zone shunts JZ1 to JZ8 for ecah zone must be set to the position AWAY from the terminal blocks. 2 End-of-line resistors should be connected, 2700 ohms in series and 4700 ohms in parallel with the sensor contacts. Refer to Installation Manual Figure 2.11

If the 2 EOL resistors are NOT connected while the zone shunt is at the position AWAY from the terminal blocks, then a "Zone Trouble" alarm will be produced.

If no EOL resistors are used, connect the relevant zone shunt in the position CLOSER to the terminal blocks. In this position, the system does not distinguish between Open circuit and Open contact or Closed circuit and Closed contact

Another cause of "Zone Trouble" could be that other voltages are connected to the zone input, for example if the zone wiring is shorted to other wires

If the zone shunt is connected in the position  closer to the Terminal blocks and the zone has nothing connected to it, and there is a "Zone Trouble" alarm, then there could be a fault on that zone

The Installation Manual which explains how to connect zones can be downloaded from The Installation manual is essential to a correct connection.

The Hookup Diagram can be downloaded from

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