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 Posted: Monday Mar 7th, 2011 01:17 am
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I dont know what you mean by application number

To display temperature in degrees C on the KT03, create a Value Element
This is a button that displays a number 0 to 255

In Status Properties, set Status Type = Sensor Register, and set Sensor Number to the sensor corresponding to the SCS that you have.
SCS ids 1 to 15 correspond to Sensors 8 to 23
Hence SCS 1 corresponds to Sensor Register 8

The number in the sensor registers is in degrees Fahrenheit because this is what is provided by the SCS temp sensor

To convert it to Celcius and display as such, go to Events > Sensor Responses, and assign a Response to convert F to C

Get Last Sensor
Convert F to C
Save Last Sensor

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