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 Posted: Monday Oct 18th, 2010 09:23 am
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We have tested your config file. We do not hear the loud beeping noise that you have mentioned when it dials to a mobile phone. Is this  a series of beeping tones, a continuos tone, or just a short beep?

You say that the mobile phone does not ring when this tone is heard on the door station. I suspect that either you have programmed the wrong number to dial out (other persons mobile rang and he answered) or that your phone is out of network range and so was answered by voicemail.

For the event log, we do not find anything unusual. However note that Tamper sign in alarm will be recorded in the event log once 6 wrong attempts are made. Subsequently, every attemp will generate 1 Tamper sign in event. Did the user make many attempts to sign in? If so then the multiple tamper events are correct

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