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 Posted: Wednesday Oct 13th, 2010 09:19 pm
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I have comfort Ultra, file system 34 , firmware 5.145.
Door station DS02/A  
I have the following add occurrences.
1/ we have recently set up for the customer dial out to a mobile when in away mode  , the results : the call is made to the mobile but as soon as the connection to the mobile is made there is a beeping sound from the door station , you can still hear the conversation in the back ground, and comfort menu voice is  loud  and clear when you activate the menu during the call
2/ Periodically the house phones connected to comfort will ring for a short burst , usually after the door bell has been activated but not always. ( note this only occurred after I download the new config file today  , I have since reverted  but still the same
3/ the event log I’m currently down loading remotely its up to 300% and still counting , however the 99% of the entries so far sate Alarm type sign in tamper  31
Also when not in away mode and the door station button  is pushed the voice and communication  is fine on the home  phone ( landline) to door station.
Any pointers , PS I had previously updated  the firmware , to 5.145 could it be Configurator  I’m using 3.1.90



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