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 Posted: Friday Jul 23rd, 2010 05:23 am
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The DP03 doorbell does not have a zone type. The doorbell zone type is only for a push button switch to ring the phones so is not applicable

The doorbell Alarm Type is automatically activated in Away and Vacation Mode but not in Security Off or Night Mode. Hence the system will dial to the phones programmed for the doorbell alarm type in Away and Vacation modes. If you enable a dial delay in Doorbell allarm type then the system will call after the dial delay but the doorbell has a time out so when the system dials out after a delay the doorbell may have timed out and the user will hear "please sign in" instead of "Doorbell" and will not be conected to the door station, although he can press 6 for door station.

If you want the door station to dial out in all modes then use the action Force Dial Out in the Doorbell Response.
However adding a delay to this is not a good idea for the above reason. Anyway the visitor will have probably left after 1 minute or so

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