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 Posted: Sunday May 30th, 2010 02:32 pm
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You mean DM02 Door Station Interface not DP02

J1 which is a 3 position shunt must be set in the correct position;

"J1: Shunt J1 to positions 1-2 if the doorbell input (to BELL
terminal) is a DC signal of 5V to 24 VDC. Leave J1 open if the
Doorbell input is an AC signal 5 V to 24 VAC. Shunt J1 to positions
2-3 if the doorbell input is a voltage free contact. Pin 1 is marked
with a circle."

I am not exactly sure about the Comelit, it may be an AC voltage but you will have to test

There needs to be a common ground point between the DM02 and the Intercom as signals from one are going to the other so Pin 4 must be connected to DM02 ground

Your question (2)
In some intercoms, the audio path is not opened until the intercom handset is off the hook. The Misc Events > DS Voice On Response can be used to turn on an external relay to simulate the offhook condition. When the handset of a phone or intercom goes offhook, an internal switch on the handset connects the phone circuitry to the telephone line. Hence you have to connect the external relay in parallel to the internal switch to simulate the handset going offhook
I dont recommend doing this unless you have a fair bit of electronic knowledge as it would invalidate the warranty of the intercom or damage it.

when the door station is pressed, take the handset offhook. Does that allow the DM02 audio to work?

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