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 Posted: Friday Jun 12th, 2009 05:24 am
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I've added two door stations to my Comfort system and updated Location 1674 with the value 2. This has worked and the door stations operate the ringer module and there is communication between the door stations and phone.

I then created a response number 146 with action 130,100,9,255 and entered the response 146 in location 52, using the Engineer's star menu.

The phone rings, and says "door bell, select station...", but offers no option to open the door. If i press 7 twice, it says "door open, select station 1 to 2, press hash to end". The first output on the expansion board does not energise at any time.

I'm not using Comfigurator and am programming through the keypad.

I also tried entering a response of 79 in location 1686 and similarly, did not get a voice menu option to open gate, when the door station was operated.

I've powered the system down and also tried a reset using Engineer's menu 7,4,2.




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