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 Posted: Thursday May 28th, 2009 01:15 am
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I have tested your cclx file
You do not hear "4 to Open Gate" because of a channge we made in recent firmware

Prior to ULT 5.145, when you answer the doorbell on the phone or keypad, you hear "Doorbell 1 or 2, Press 0 for Door Station, 4 for Gate etc"

In that firmware, the initial announcement was removed so you can immediately talk to the door station, ie you hear

"Doorbell 2.." followed by a beep and the audio channel opening

This is to make it easier and faster to get to talk to the visitor

You can still press 4 or 7 to open the door or gate.
If you press any other key except 0,1,2,3,4,7 you will hear the menu
"4 to open gate 7 to open door"

I have tested the Open Gate phone Response by pressing 4 and by executing the Response on Comfigurator.
The relay on the DM002 clicks

If you execute response, the relay will click  only if Door station 2 was the last button pressed, according to your Response

One reason for not getting  the correct response in execute response could be the  Response  in Comfort does not correspond to the one on your PC Try a full write before execute response

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