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 Posted: Saturday May 13th, 2006 06:28 am
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This forum is to help users and installers with any problems encountered with the use, installation or programming of Comfort.

In order for Cytech or others to assist, please provide the following information.

  • Describe the problem as precisely and in as much detail as follows. Avoid generalities like "My Keypad does not work. How can I fix it?"
  • When was the system installed? When did the problem start appearing?
  • The Firmware Version on Comfort (this is written on a label on the U1 IC on the Comfot PCB) as well as other firmware in the affected Modules eg UCM etc. Certain new features were introduced, or bugs were fixed at various times in different firmware versions. so this is essential information to tell whether somethng should work or not.
  • The Comfort PCB version. This is marked on one of the sides of the PCB in the form PC01-XXXX. Some features and modules are supported only with later PCB hardware revisions. For example the UCM/GSM is supported only in PCB PC01-001E6 where the GSM connector was introdcued.
  • If the problem is related to programming, you may be asked to upload or send by email your ccl or cclx file (used by Comfigurator). You should reset the user code to default 1234 before doing so.
This information should help whoever it is to identify and hopefully solve the problem encountered

The Cytech Team

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