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 Posted: Monday Nov 24th, 2008 02:25 am
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I wouldn't uncheck ignore line cut if the PABX supplies a DC voltage 20v+ to the extensions.  It allows Comfort to detect that the line is connected

Try a Dial Test F3,3 to allow you to listen to the dialing progress and delays on the keypad

I think some delays are necessary even if detect dial tone is disabled to ensure that dialing goes through on most networks

Why not record a reminder message to be played on the door station eg "Please wait for a while, we will attend to you shortly". 
They should be tickled long enough to overcome thier impatience

You can assign the response to the Doorbell under Misc Events > Doorbell
The action
Reminder 1 On Id 0
will play remnder message 1 on all keypads and door stations
Reminder 1 On Id 30
will play the reminder on all door stations only

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