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 Posted: Monday Nov 24th, 2008 12:43 am
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It takes 5 to 6 seconds after the doorphone is pushed for the phones to ring. Visitors get impatient!

(Comfort 2 Ult v 5.121, Comfigurator v2.2.3)

Comfort Tel In is connected as Extension on PABX. No connection on Tel Out.

Extensions on PABX can dial into Comfort, and can talk to doorstation.

Tel no 3 is set to dial 579 (arbitrary group ring to extensions). If I plug in a normal analog phone as extension into PABX instead of comfort, dialling 579 rings the other extensions within 0.5 second.

Pushing the doorbell calls 579, extensions ring about 6 seconds after the doorbell chimes finish.

The Doorbell  Response in Misc Events calls a response containing: "Force DSDialout".

Help tracking this down would be appreciated!

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