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 Posted: Wednesday Jan 23rd, 2008 03:04 pm
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Good day,

We are a home automation company based in London and we are controlling our client´s Comfort alarm system using an AMX system to
communicate over its IP interface.

We have 2-way comunication. We can request and recieving messages and can
set or unset the system (after entering the axcess code) unfortunatly we
cannot cancel alarms only turn the whole lot on or off.

We have the documentation with the serial communication commands, but it
does not appear to be any command to clear an alarm and remove it from the
Comfort system.

Whenever we arm the system, it starts giving all the alarms that were
triggered at any point, such all the smoke alarms, so when we arm the
system, we can know who has been smoking at any room.

Using the cpmfort system's keypad alarms can be canceled...but we have
been unable to do so using the protocol.

Thanks in advance for your help
Kind regards
Cristina Lopez

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