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 Posted: Sunday Dec 18th, 2022 01:18 am
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Version 7.200
Bugs Fixed
  •  Fixed BUG wifi detection was wrong  if no module plugged in  on 10 way connector. Controller may keep resetting if there is no plug in. As a result Initialisation may take up to 3 seconds after power on if ETH03 is plugged in.
  • LED03 RED  ON when wifi detected. LED3 red led will go off  if wifi submodule is not detected
  • Fixed BUG for  LGX01, UCM/Logic, KNX/Logic - if eeprom file system is incorrect, Controller does not poll ucms so it was not possible to write to Comfort
  • Fixed BUG in comfort protocol messages CTNNvv was seen as NNvv without CT
New Features and Changes
  • d? query will reply d?00 if Motion Timer is  disabled ( NOT NA) -0 works for ETH03 plug in not UCM which needs firmware upgrade
  • Power failure alarm increased delay from 10 secs to 60 seconds due to some systems having power failuyre alarms suspectshort drop in power caused the problem. sent to Robert astrol to test
  • Improved Saving Flags in eeprom for EMS and LGX

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