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 Posted: Sunday May 8th, 2022 06:17 am
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IRIO 7.017
 Proportional + Integral ( PI)  control function in analog outputs. 
  •  Output move direction is based on Summer/Winter flag status.
  •  When PI flag is off, analog output can be controlled via counter.
  •  Supported ramping for PI output.
  •  Bumpless transfer, with CO-bias feature,
  •  When PI flag goes off, output remains unchanged.
  •  Improved register reporting.
 Take note that if PI function is used, IR transmission function will be disabled,

IRIO 7.018
Changes for  PI control function:
  • Fixed calculation error on the integral part where it is not smooth.
  • Previously in some cases, the change was every 10 seconds.
  • Changed integral sum from automatic start, instead of taking the latest set samples.
  • Double gain limit to 32.
  • Added new “Sample time” parameter.
  • Added new “Direction” parameter.
  • Set checks for integral sum overflows.
IRIO 7.019
  • Supports 4 dimmers (analog outputs) for IRIO02.
  • Support ID detection for new ISM09,
  • Note that  ISM09 (for PT100)will be identified wrongly for older firmware

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