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 Posted: Saturday Dec 11th, 2021 01:19 am
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Firmware 7.192
Known Issues
  1. Digital Zone type on CM9001/SEM . If zone is Digital Normally open, Off zone is  reported as ON. also for non digital zone, trouble Short Circuit  reports as Open circuit. This is an old bug affecting previous firmware
  2. Keypad to Door Station Intercom does not work. KP cannot hear DP
Bugs Fixed
  1. Fixed Bug If firmware upgrade failed and  power off and, firmware upgrade from UCM ID1 did not work
  2. Fixed bug ultra cannot upgrade to EX by ETH03 plug in
  3. FIXED BUG . UCM/LOG and KNX/LOG did not work for RIO
  4. Fixed BUG eth03 plug in did not report RIO Input state change
  5. Fixed BUG  vacation mode for partition system  did not set partition correctly
  6. Fixed BUG If no zones in partition 0, cannot arm partition 0 without zones. exit time does not end
  7. Fixed BUG for ETH03 plug in   ST command reply did not work
New Features and Changes
  1.  When Sign in on Phone : check if user who log in is enabled for higher partitions, and say "select Area". check if user is enabled for higher partition, and if so log in to the higher Area/partition.
  2. For Arm security system, if area/partition has no zones arm/disarm is not enabled.
  3. Keypad to Door Station Intercom. Keypad Press and hold button is one way KP to DP. If KP button is released then KP to DP is full duplex
  4. If IDBUTTON on CM9001 is pressed and held at reset, disable Responses This allows system to work even when there are responses with endless loop, ie Responses calling themselves, or problems in the Startup Response.
  5. Added Test mode commands to support production tester functions

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