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 Posted: Friday May 7th, 2021 03:38 pm
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This install is 5 years old and the speaker phone never worked. 
Today I found out that is because the Voice and MIC form the DM02 was not connected to the main PCB so it now at least works. T
There is a fairly loud constant buzz though between the door station and all keypads (Keypad to keypad audio is good). The cable is a heavily shielded cat7 and direct wired so should not be an issue I think. I tried removing J5 which just seems to make it louder. The wiring looks to be the same as page 8 in the DM02 manual and J1 is set 2-3. There are 3 spare wires as the grounds are all just connected together on the door station as are the two 12vs. My DM02 does not seem to have a J6. Any tips on how I can reduce the buzz?
Hmm, disconnecting the DS Speaker and Mic from the DM02 does not stop the buzz at all. The DM02 is in the middle of a JP8/JP8A module daisy chain, could this cause buzzing?

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