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 Posted: Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2021 07:41 am
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caravanboy wrote: Also on this topic - does anyone know how to stop it reconnecting so often? The python module stays connected to Comfort for between 2 and 7 minutes on my system and then it tells me there is an "orderly shutdown" and it automatically reconnects after about 5 seconds.

There is no apparent pattern as there can be a motion event (for example) a few seconds before reconnection. Is this something I can configure on the Comfort end or is this normal behaviour that I just have to put up with?

It did seem to cause a race-condition type issue at least once when I just happened to press a button just as the Home Assistant entities were about to be declared Unavailable. The python script then failed with an unexpected exception. It looked like it didn't handle an incoming output status change during the re-connection? I kept the debug output so I may investigate that another day.

Replying to myself - interestingly when there is no activity at all (e.g. overnight) it stays connected without problem

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