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 Posted: Monday Jan 4th, 2021 04:19 am
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Firmware 7.185 (Beta)
  • Fix bug from 25/5/20 zone restore action 1 when zone restored, 1st word in zone is skipped,
  • Fixed Bug In partitioned system, siren sounds for arming wer not  heard on the partition keypad
  • Fixed Old bug - if there is zone trouble in a partitioned system at reset, the partition keypad will show "Communications Failure"  without ID (instead of zone trouble)- Fixed Old Bug - if zone trouble is force armed when armed, after disarmed, the zone trouble is not shown until armed again or security check
  • Fixed Bug for Wifi Plug in, if if  not logged in or  does not log out,  idle timer from EEPROM expires does not reset Wifi module. so if wifi lost connection, the module is not reset
  • Fixed Old Bug Igf there s zone trouble and security is force armed, after disarming, the zone trouble is not shown anymore untill system is armed or security check
  • Fixed old bug in Partitioned system after alarm sren times out, the alarm state does not go to alert state. This caused after arm fail, not able to arm
  • Fixed old bug SMS disarm could not disarm from arm fail
  • For Partitioned systme, when user logs in for partition >0, every minute the partition may be changed to to 0 so the user may arm or disarm to partition 0
Please download the beta firmware from

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