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Firmware 7.183
Known Bugs
  • Action 1 (Announce Zone Name) in Zone Off Response will skip announcing the 1st word in the zone
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed BUG for eth03 plug in to CM9001 - UL with 2 bytes always returns the 2 same bytes
  • Event Log  fixed BUG last event 27 was 68 may  cause event log to crash from 28/6/18
  • Fix BUG for partitions arm to away sometimes dis not work
  • Fix bug from 13/6/19 Security check may use wrong partition
  • Fix bug  from 6/3/20 if log in wrong code using ext232 there is no reply LU00, comfigurator waits and times out
  • Fix Bug  Monitor Mode MO00 cannot exit from monitor mode
  • Fixed bug Monitor Mode MO00 cannot exit from monitor mode
  • Fixed Bug Action 158 clear and set counter did not work, but toggle worked
  • Fixed BUG dR report was not sent when ETH03/Wifi01 was plug in on CM9001
  • Event Log  fixed BUG last event number was wrong, may   cause event log to crash from 28/6/18
Event Log
  • Change in Event Log indexing. Reduces Wear on the EEPROM due to writing the event log pointer with every event. Also reduces time to erase the whole event log Fixed other bugs
  • Event Log  fixed BUG last event number was wrong, may   cause event log to crash from 28/6/18
  • Event Log will not announce month 0 if it is encountered
Action Codes
  • Action 162 Assign Reminder to Alarm to assign a recorded reminder message to an Alarm to replace sentence. If no the assigned Reminder number is recorded, the alarm message will be played
  • Action 163 assign reminder no to zone. if zone has reminder message, it will play the reminder message in event log,  zone announcement and security check, but zone menu will continue to play the zone words. If the Reminder is assigned to a zone, but the reminder message is not recorded, the zone words are played
  • Added Action get parameter  61 Login Partition
  • Partitions If all keypads are in partition 0, allow parttions to be enabled.  some systems disarm by switch
  • Announce  Area/Partition  number in user menu if partitions exist
  • For partitioned system,  arm and disarm security will announce Area (Partition) Number after announcing security mode. Requires Vocab version 42
  • Dial out announcements -   changed order for dial out alarm announcements. 1st play recorded alarm message, then alarm type, then alarm pararameter announcement
  • Vocabulary version 42 sentence 87 is Area (N)
  • Detector_announcement -  if not trouble or restore, announce reminder call detector_name so reminder can be announced  detector_announce if restore zone but no words in zone, call say_zoneNrestore. require vocab v43
  • Voice menu add 8 for zone announce Require vocab 43
  • zone restore announcement -  zone name restore instead of just Restore without zone
Environmental Monotoring System CM9001-EMS
  • EMS enable reminders for zones and alarms. disable Scheduled Remimders for EMS for play reminder action only
  • Enabled 16 Reminders  for ems
  • Allow  Ems without Incoming recorded messages,  with Reminders in Responses
  • EMS Voice menu  add 5 for  reminder messages f
  • EMS sensors fix bug sensor - setpoint comparison was unsigned, ie negative values are taken as positive.  process_sensortab fix bug counter compare with max and min setpoints was unsiged should be signed.
  • EMS sensors.mac process_sensortab limit counter setpoint to -128 to 127. fix bug counter >255 was set to 255 ie -1
  • EMS Sensor Setpoint Counter prevent max/min setpoint check from doing endless loop
  • EMS sensors - adjust_sensor limit final sensor values to -128 to + 127 after adjustment, but allow signed 16 bits intermediate. Aallowed sensor values for scaling (;1 = 0 to 99. sensor 0 to 255,   2 = multiply by scale factor. sensor -128 to + 127, 3 = divide by scale factor, sensor -32768 to 32767. allow larger range for division. final value will be -128 to + 127
  • Motion sensor Timer enabled for EMS. query d? got reply NA before
  • For wifi NTP, update time daily at 12: 05 am instead of 4 AM

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