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 Posted: Friday Nov 13th, 2020 12:58 pm
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I have no idea why **** was there, I've edited it again and added the word 'b e a u t y' back in but it's blocked.

Homebridge is a method for adding Homekit support to devices that don't have homekit support themselves.

Installation is pretty simple. It runs on all OS, or as a docker container. I run it on a Pi, there is a pre-made image you can pull all at

There are a few Comfort plugins, but they haven't seen much love. There's definitely scope her for Cytech to submit a good quality plugin.

I use the very excellent CBUS plugin, which in turn exposes everything on Comfort via the CBUS UCM, it works great. This is the plugin I'm using for that

Here is the Comfort plugin but it's limited but does work.

How long would it take? If you have a spare Pi, from start to finish you'd have a Homebridge install talking to Comfort in about 10 minutes. It couldn't be simpler.

There is an Alexa plugin available, so this would expose Comfort to Alexa that way.

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