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 Posted: Saturday Oct 24th, 2020 11:32 am
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strickers wrote: Hi palmlodge, Good to hear you have so many items connected and working!. I am currently looking at purchasing the UCM/pi from laser but am looking at which application would be best to work with. Node red seems to be popular but it doesnt look that easy to use. Does homebridge work well with Alexa and comfort or is difficult to set up? Are there any other advantages or disadvantages you can think of? I kept looking at the UCM/Pi but I wasn't comfortable it was a very plug and play solution nor easy to expose Alexa control.
The **** of homebridge is it has thousands of plugins, one could say it's becoming the de facto solution because of the rich eco system and so easy to setup, use and configure.
The Comfort plugin is old and has limited functions, but could be amazing with a little bit more work for those smart enough to know how to do that.
Alexa, as with all other plugins, is simple enough to implement. I'm going to remove it, I don't need voice control over all these things but I do want to augment Comfort's logic with this secondary logic so I can control all the devices when arming/disarming/etc
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