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 Posted: Thursday Oct 22nd, 2020 01:19 pm
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FYI, I now have Siri and Alexa control of Comfort via Homebridge. Total time from start to finish was less than 30 mins.
Homebridge is a well supported solution providing Homekit support, but by extending this you can support so much more.
Today, I have CBUS, Comfort, Alexa, Sonos, TPLink plugin modules, security cameras, ovens, vacuum, Nest, Shelly, you name it, all linked. Each one has the potential to control the other.
I took another few minutes to activate the pre-existing Comfort logic for opening my garage door to appear on my watch, so now I have have voice control over every piece of Comfort and CBUS logic that was in place.
Give it a go, it's free

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