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 Posted: Wednesday Nov 20th, 2019 08:09 am
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Thanks. Scanned all modules and results are attached, seems no change. Is it a possible issue that serial number is shown as Invalid?
When I click Get Module Status in Velbus module, I see Normal/No Error down in bottom-left.
Note that Zwave UCM had the same dip switch arrangement as the Velbus UCM so I changed Zwave to On-On-Off-On to be for ID5, and Velbus is at Off-Off-On-On for ID4 and clicked SW1 switch on the UCM. I did not click the Reset button on the Comfort SEM or the main Comfort board - should I do so?
I see mention in the manual the Copy button can be used to set IDs, is it possible it was done this way and dip switches are not used? That said, manual indicates Copy button only applies if all 4 dip switches were set to Off, which was not the case.

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