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 Posted: Saturday Jul 20th, 2019 04:39 pm
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Can you help me resolve this issue, I have gone through almost everything I can think of to get this system up and running, I have removed kpo4A keypads and set everything into a single partition, if armed from single keypad KT03 alram system works, I have a secondry exit/entry point but the alarm activates immediatly when used.
When all keypads are introduced in 0 partition the keypad will instigate arming system but as soon as you open the secnodry entry exit door get arm fail (4)
also their is a window when openend comes up as zone trouble when closed its fine (20),
all users set in zone zero except when partioned with an extra zone (all set up correctly and loaded to comfort & keypad.

I have been trying to get this corrected remotly, and on Tuesday I will be going to site with another keypad main panel board and slave board to eliminate possibility of board failures before I commit to this action do you have any suggestions, the programming as absolutly basic with no thrills at all...

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