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 Posted: Thursday May 30th, 2019 08:29 am
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So here is a live scenario
Customer with Comfort - quite an extensive alarm thats been installed 10 years +All x10 and is moving over himself to Hue. Probably has 20 hue lamps working from Hue app in various locations both inside and out.
Has asked me to look at ability for Comfort to control Hue......
I can add UCMpi OK simple
What will it then take to get 20 odd Hue lights switching from ComfortI note that the UCM Pi tab on the comfigurator gives nothing away so presume the whole thing is code and node red or assisted home or open hab programing. Does Hue provide feedback to comfort?
What is the expected cost of UCMpi?
Can we get the Pi to be the Comfort app ? i.e. set unset alarm
What are the mechanisms of accessing the UCMpi remotely? e.g. I want to switch my Hue home lights from my office?
Bear in mind the Hue lamps are £15 each ?
Has anybody managed to control the colour changing Hue lamps from UCMpi? 

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