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 Posted: Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 12:56 pm
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I suggest you take a look at what node-red can do, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Some examples of integrations are:
  • Monitoring, controlling and arming / disarming comfort from Apple Homekit
  • Controlling instant hot water tap to only be active when the alarm is set to home mode
  • controlling Hue lights when the alarm is armed, and triggering 'activity' patterns in the lights if movement is detected outside when the alarm is armed.
  • Making a dog bark via sonos when the alarm is armed and movement is detected outside
  • Automatically arming the alarm when all the household are out
  • Plotting the location of the cars on a web interface and estimating their eta and using this to control heating.
  • Sending emails with images from the CCTV to email addresses based on activity and alarm state.
  • Controlling irrigation systems based on temperature and recent rainfall
  • Turning on a TV and changing channel to CCTV or showing notifications on a TV with images if it is already on when movement is detected outside.

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