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 Posted: Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 12:28 pm
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So lets begin with the bit no one wants to hear !I run a company and as such I'm in business to turn a profit.
I'm selling this to a customer who is going to want to receive value for money.What can I as an installer sell to the customer !

In the case of philips Hue - the customer has purchased the starter kit and already has two lights working from the app and alexa for under £60.
He also has a Comfort system.
He does not want the ability to physically switch lights on and off or dim from comfort keypad or app i.e he already has very good hue app that does this.
So I'm thinking this can be viewed as a logic engine interfaceIf comfort armed then switch Hue lights on etc
I take it there is no facility for the customer to alter settings?So for example I've introduces a timer and I want the customer to be able to alter the times?
I created a scene and i wna the customer to be able to alter the scenes?

Does the node red come already loaded?

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