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 Posted: Sunday Aug 5th, 2018 07:55 am
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Ok, finally I have gotten around to setting up and trying out the virtual inputs. Firstly, you need to setup a Response to reference the Virtual Input (17 and above only). This is a dummy response merely to let Comfort know the specified input is virtual. Then in Inputs, you should see the Virtual Input column as 'yes'. Then that should be it, you can then set the input through MQTT.

steefdebruijn wrote:
BTW anyone noticed that setting an OUTPUT through MQTT offsets by one (setting comfort2/output10/set to 1 sets output 11 not output 10)? Seems not to happen at other inputs.

Other thing: has anyone succesfully used virtual inputs (so set an input through MQTT to comfort and was able to see this reflected in comfigurator status?

I use this script adapted to USB input instead of ETH with openhab on the other side of MQTT.

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