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 Posted: Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2017 04:54 pm
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Following on... I have a G.R.I. NO Flood sensor which worked directly off the Comfort I board but does not appear to work with the Comfort II. It needs a minimum of 5vdc from the board. Comfort II has only c. 1.5vdc according to my meter.
I presume the changes to Comfort II logic voltages (5v -> 3v) mean that the Zone sensor voltage has dropped and this is why it has stopped working?Thanks
timop001 wrote: I installed and programmed a Comfort I system in my house in 2003 (with SEM, LEM, DS01, KP04, KP01, UCM01). Used Comfigurator v2 for programming .ccl file.Worked brilliantly for years but lightening damaged part of the phone module.

I bought a Comfort II upgrade kit in 2010 and for various reasons I have only just got round to installing it. The parts are therefore 2010 vintage:
Comfort II - v5.172 ULT, PC01-070A
SEM02 - v5.175, PC01-070A
UCM05 (v5.2 PC01-066A) with USB01
old UCM (v5.43 PC01-017E)
KP04 (existing older one moved to replace KP01 in bedroom) so 2 KPs on system
DS02 for replacing old DS
I have installed boards and done a quick boot to check the system and it goes through POST. The adapter board didn't work for me and I had to make some bespoke PCB stand-offs for the main board and SEM.
I have installed latest Comfig v3 to convert the .ccl file.

1) the UCM05/USB01 USB doesn't work. "Fails to connect to UCM", Gone through the posted check list, deleted/reinstalled latest Win10 drivers, re-booted etc. Set Comfig to USB with serial number so Comfig does see it. D2 red LED flashes briefly when access code 1234 is entered in the dialogue box but fails to connect when requesting system info.
Serial port on UCM board works through a USB serial converter thankfully.Anything else I could try?
Duff USB01?

2) Imported .ccl file and converted with Comfig3 to FS34 ULTII. Module number differs but scanning only finds the new KP04. Surprised it didn't find the SEMI presume I add the rest manually and the .cclx file can just now be sent to ComfortII and debugged/modified?

3) Do I also need to specify ALL the sensors/PIRs etc in Comfig3
4) Can I upgrade the UCM05 firmware with the old UCM01v5.45 ?

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