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 Posted: Tuesday Sep 15th, 2015 01:39 pm
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I've had a really good listen to the keypads and by dialling into the system from an extension in the house.

The crackle isn't actually in the voice.  The crackle seems to be in the background - so for example, if Comfort announces "Front Door Open Front Door Open", just before, during and after the speech has finished, for about 2-3 seconds before and afterwards, there is a crackle in the back ground.

So the crackle is not in the words itself, it is in the background of the sound just before, during and after the words have been announced.

Does that make it any easier to know what the issue might be? It'll be very sad if I have to live with the crackle as I use Comfort to announce a lot of things!

The system has been in place for 4 years and it has only just started happening in the last month, so I cant see how it would be interference from high voltage cables as nothing has changed really.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Kind regards

Comfort Geek



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