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 Posted: Sunday May 24th, 2015 08:17 am
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KT03 7.070
Known Bugs
  1. IR Receive in KT03 does not work
  2. Display of Output status above 64 does not work

  1. Supports Zone Name Element (requires Comfigurator 3.10.4), see
  2. Supports KT03 System Properties (Beep On/off, Speaker On/Off, Announcements On/Off, Screen Timeout, Backlight On/Off, IR Receiver On/off, Speaker Internal/External, Tamper On/Off) which were only accessible via the KT03 settings screen, can now be changed in Comfigurator. KT03 System Properties Read and Write without having to read/write all of KT03 will be  supported from Comfigurator 3.10.4 See

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