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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 4th, 2014 05:47 pm
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Great news there's something happening - was starting to worry that it had been left to die.

If I can be of any help in the development / testing I would be more than happy to help as this is something that is really important for me that I believe could really set aside Comfort as a fantastic system that others can't touch.

One of the most frustrating things that is currently the case with the app is the double log in.

We use this extensively for disarming the alarm and pulling into the garage that works currently something like this...

Log into App (with code) -> Enter code again on in-app keypad -> F7 to activate garage door relay.

Also when leaving the house...

Log into App (with code) -> F4 for Gate relay -> F7 to active garage door relay -> Away button to arm

If we could get rid of the double log in this would improve the functionality considerably.

This is all done over wifi using outdoor access points to gain signal when approaching property so no port forwarding for external use.

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