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 Posted: Saturday Nov 30th, 2013 02:24 am
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According to the event log, the front door was opened caung an entry alert

The user code 2 was entered but the system was not disarmed because the * key preceded the code eg *1234#  does not disarm the system, it goes into the user menu. This is because when the systtem is armed, you can enter the user code  to go into user menu to do something else besides disarm the system by pressing * code #

Delete User 0 means all the mailboxes were erased
This was most likely caused by pressing 9 for program menu, 5 for user codes, 0 to erase mailboxes and 1 to confirm, so ie 9501. Perhaps he or she may have been trying to enter the code again at that point and just entered  the sequence by mistake. You can repeat that sequence to show that this is what it does.

I dont know why the system would be unresponsive. Piossibly it may be due to some problem on the bus
You can run Comfort Bus Monitor from Tools and check if there are any errors on the bus. Peraps run overnight and save the results for analysis

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